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Small talk about: Neverending story

s Dagmar Laukovou Petrášovou | December, 2023

Slovak electronic producer Majo Polyak released his debut album Neverending Story. He collaborated on it with singers and songwriters Radmila Svensson (YouCoco, Slowlick) and Paulína Feriancová (This Is Kevin). In addition to original songs and a remix, the album also features a cover version of Depeche Mode's "Waiting for the Night" in a slightly more upbeat version with drums and subtle rhythmic adjustments.

"The album Neverending Story is truly a dream come true for me from my youth. Ideas for some of the songs date back to the mid-nineties," says Majo Polyák. He discovered Radmila Svensson in 2011 through her performances in the Trenčín-based band YouCoco. He was captivated by the one-of-a-kind artist's authenticity, rebelliousness, inner restlessness, and endless creative potential. "Although it took me a while to get moving and reach out to her regarding a collaboration, it, thankfully, worked out. I sent Radka two demos, one of which was the basis for the track “Life is rolling like a stone”, and the other for the track “All in your head”. Then I took a break."

"The next impulse came after ten years, when Majo sent me a finished piece he was releasing, and I was positively shocked at how great it sounded," says Radmila Svensson. "I immediately started dancing to it at home and it filled me with so much positivity. Music has tremendous power, and I'm glad it's a part of my life. Without exaggeration, I can say it's everything to me. It's like my very own refuge, where I feel safe and free." The singer-songwriter currently lives in Sweden, so the communication had to be done remotely. "The process itself can take a longer time, but I am very committed to this collaboration, so the distance is not a problem," adds Majo Polyák.

Spoken word performer Paulína Feriancová was approached by Majo to write and speak an original piece in a way that Majo could later merge into individual verses and phrases. This is how the songs "Ego," "Ikigai," and "The Lie" gradually came to be. "I really enjoyed fulfilling Majo's idea of the themes of each song. Although I enjoy freedom in writing, I can also enjoy writing lyrics based on a specific task. In this case, it's about heavier topics that get under the skin. Darker narratives and feelings that no one can avoid if they even just think a little about themselves and life," says Paulína Feriancová.

All the tracks were created on synthesizers and samplers, except for a few exceptions that were played on a guitar. "I enjoy creating my own sounds by layering five to six sources of sound into a completely new entity. Many songs were created by gradually creating the sound I carried in my head, and when it was just as I had imagined, the melody itself was added." Some tracks also come with music videos. They all carry the unique creative flavour of the director Braňo Vincze. In addition to the videos available on the “Majo Polyak Music” YouTube channel, there is also a three-song live act, featuring the songs "In Flames," "Waiting for the Night," and "The Lie."