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How to shop

Order for Goods –  conclusion of the purchase agreement

1. To order the Goods, the Buyer clicks on the image of the shopping cart with the appropriate inscription and the title will be inserted into the shopping cart. Then the Buyer will be able to decide whether he/she intends to conclude the purchase (fill in the prepared form) or continue shopping. The order is made by confirming the feature marked as "Binding order" with the information that the order will require payment for the Goods. After processing the Buyer's order and without any undue delay, a confirmation of order receipt (acceptance) will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the Buyer. The confirmation includes the order number, name and specification of the Goods, information about the price of the Goods and delivery costs (postage), payment method, information about the expected delivery time of the Goods, information about the location where the Goods are to be delivered, information about the Seller, or possibly other information. Upon delivery of the confirmation e-mail about the receipt of the Buyer's order, a Purchase Agreement or an agreement for the provision of electronic content delivered on a tangible medium is entered into. The Purchase Agreement is concluded upon the receipt of the confirmation email by the Buyer even if the subject of the Purchase Agreement also concerns Goods of other nature than products that include electronic content.
2. The Purchase Agreement is concluded for a specific product and the Seller, and the Buyer are obliged to fulfil all obligations arising thereof. Agreement shall be terminated in the cases provisioned by the relevant legislation of the Slovak Republic.
3. The Purchase Agreement may be terminated in cases defined by the Slovak law in particular by mutual arrangement between the Parties, by withdrawal from the Agreement on the part of the Buyer. Where the price of the order is not settled within the due date, the Purchase Agreement shall not be entered into.
4. The Seller informs the Buyer that in the case of ordering products by the Buyer, the order is associated with an obligation of payment of the purchase price to the Buyer, in the form of payment selected by the Buyer from the options offered by the Seller.

Purchase price and payment terms

1. The price of the Goods ordered via the Seller's website (hereinafter referred to as "Purchase Price") is quoted separately for each product (“Goods”) and is valid at the moment of placing the order by the Buyer.
2. The base currency is the euro.
3. The Purchase Price of the Goods listed on the Seller's website is the total price of the Goods, including all taxes, whereas it is clearly stated on the Seller's website. The purchase price of the Goods does not include transportation costs or other costs related to the delivery of the Goods. The seller is registered as a VAT payer.

Method of Payment

1. The Buyer may pay for the Goods on the Seller's website in the following manner:
1.1. online banking (in cooperation with Tatra banka, a.s.).

Delivery of Goods

1. The Seller is obliged to fulfil the order and deliver the Goods to the Buyer within 30 days from the date of entering into the Purchase Agreement pursuant to Art. 2. (1) et seq. of these GTCs. The deadline for the Seller to fulfil the order concerning the Goods with electronic content comes immediately after the payment is made by the Buyer.
2. The Seller is obliged to deliver the Goods to the Buyer in the ordered quantity and quality together with tax-stating documents related to the order and other documents, if any, which are typically delivered with the selected Goods. The Buyer agrees that all documents will be delivered to his/her designated e-mail address.

Taking over the Goods

1. The Seller has the right to a due and timely payment of the price of the order price from the Buyer for the delivered Goods.

Shipping costs – the methods of delivery of the Goods and the price for their delivery

1. Delivery methods and the price for the delivery of the ordered Goods:
2. The forms of delivery:
2.1. Online access to paid content – fee €0
2.2. By postal services - Slovenská pošta – due postage within the Slovak Republic €7, postage outside the Slovak Republic €14
3. The obligation to deliver the Goods is deemed fulfilled by handing over the Goods to the Buyer or to the authorized person specified in the order. The Goods are sent by Slovenská pošta in the form of a letter/parcel or letter/parcel cash on delivery, or by a courier (selected by the Buyer).
4. The Buyer is informed via e-mail that his/her order has been dispatched and handed over to the shipping provider.
5. The Buyer is obliged to take over the Goods in person at the agreed location and time or to ensure the takeover of Goods. The Buyer shall confirm the receipt of the Goods in writing in the delivery note, which also represents a proof of payment for the Goods in the case of cash on delivery shipment. The Buyer will receive an accounting document (invoice) by e-mail, the invoice shall also serve as a warranty certificate.
6. The obligation to deliver the Goods shall be also deemed fulfilled where the Buyer fails to take over the Goods at the agreed location and time or refuses to take over the Goods. In the event that the Buyer fails to take over the Goods and the Goods are returned to the Seller, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement and demand compensation for the costs associated with the return of the Goods from the Buyer (postage related to the return of the Goods). Repeated delivery of the consignment with the Goods is possible only based on mutual understanding.
7. The Seller shall not be responsible for delayed delivery of Goods caused by incorrectly entered address of the Buyer. The Buyer acquires ownership title to the Goods by taking them over at the place of delivery. By taking over the Goods, the risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration passes to the Buyer.
8. Upon receipt of the delivery, the Buyer is entitled to check the consignment for any damage to the packaging of the consignment (mechanical damage caused by the transportation) and whether the Goods are free from defects.
9. Delivery of Goods is subject to charge according to the current rates of shipping companies, specific rates are provided when selecting a specific form of delivery.

Complaints Procedure

1. The standard warranty period for Goods purchased in the thinkberry, s. r. o. online store is 24 months.
2. Warranty service is provided by the operator of the online store. Incomplete shipment or damage to the Goods must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment by e-mail to Later complaints concerning incomplete shipment or mechanical damage to the Goods will only be accepted if the Buyer proves that the Goods had the defects subject to the complaint already at the time of receipt.
3. The Buyer shall send the Goods subject to the complaint to the following address: thinkberry, s.r.o., Račianska 26/G, 831 02 Bratislava. It is advisable to send the consignment via registered mail. The Goods cannot be sent by cash on delivery.
4. When identifying a defect concerning the Goods, the Seller shall proceed in compliance with the statutory provisions of the Civil Code (Sections 622 and 623). The Seller is obliged to eliminate the removable defects without undue delay or to replace the Goods when requested by the Buyer. In the case of a defect that cannot be eliminated, and which prevents the Goods from being duly used as objects without defects, the Buyer has the right to have the Goods replaced or to withdraw from the agreement.
5. The Seller shall handle the complaint in one of the following legally required ways:
a) termination of the complaints procedure by handing over the repaired Goods,
b) replacement of the Goods,
c) refund of the purchase price for the Goods, payment of a reasonable discount on the price of the Goods,
d) a written request to take over the Goods or
e) justified rejection of the complaint,
6. In the event of a complaint being accepted, the Goods subject to the complaint will be replaced piece for piece, at the Buyer's discretion, while the Seller shall bear the costs of returning and delivering new Goods, or the Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement, in which case the money will be refunded. The complaint will be handled no later than 30 days from the date of filing and receipt of the Goods subject to the complaint. The Buyer will be informed about the result of the complaints procedure immediately after the end of the complaints procedure by e-mail and registered mail and the complaint protocol will be delivered together with the Goods.
7. Where the buyer submits a complaint within the first 12 months of the purchase, the Seller may settle the complaint by rejection solely based on expert opinion; whatever the outcome of the expert opinion, the Buyer must not be required to cover the cost of said opinion or any other costs associated with it. The Seller must provide the Buyer a copy of the expert opinion justifying the rejection of the complaint within 14 days from the date of the complaint.
8. Where the Buyer made a complaint concerning the Goods after 12 months of the purchase and the Seller rejected it, the person who handled the complaint is obliged to state in the complaint handling protocol, to whom the Seller may send the Goods for expert opinion.
9. The Seller is obliged to issue a confirmation of filing of the complaint to the Buyer. Where a warranty complaint is made by means of remote communication, the seller is required to deliver the conformation of filing of the complaint to the Buyer immediately; If it is not possible to deliver the confirmation immediately, it must be delivered without any undue delay, at the latest, together with a proof of settlement of the complaint; confirmation of filing of a complaint does not have to be delivered where the Buyer has the opportunity to demonstrate filing of the complaint in another way.
10. The Seller is obliged to issue a written document on the settlement of the complaint no later than 30 days from the date of filing the complaint but no later than together with the document on the handling of the complaint where the period for its settlement began to run from the date of receipt of the Goods subject to the complaint by the Seller.
11. The defects and Goods that are not covered by the warranty within the scope defined by the General Terms and Conditions of thinkberry, s. r. o., cannot be the subject of a complaint. 12. Relationships not regulated by these Complaints Procedure shall be governed by the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act.